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Our Vision

To establish, grow and promote the Craft and Design Sector in the North West, as a unique and viable economic Industry

Our Mission

By becoming the best practising Institute that coordinates and develops people to build profitable Enterprises, with marketable products for global Markets in an enabled environment.

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Who are we?

Bokone Bophirima Craft and Design Institute (BBCDI) was set up in 2009, to promote and grow craft and design as an economic sector in the North West Province of South Africa. A section 21 Non-profit-Company, the BBCDI is a joint initiative of the Provincial Government Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs (DCATA) and the National Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) in line with the National Craft Sector Programme, Craft hub Blueprint and Industrial Policy Action Plan approved by parliament in 2007.


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What do we do?

The BBCDI has six programmes that support the craft producers and network all relevant role players in the craft product value chain. This includes craft retailers, marketing agents, exporting agents, raw-material producers, service providers such as designers, product developers, skills trainers, business developers, practitioners and mentors. Government and other funders form a vital part of this effort to build relationships across the sector.



How do we do that?

Through BBCDI’s three main programmes

  1. Enterprise Development and Training Programme
  2. Creativity, Design and Innovation Programme
  3. Market Access Programme