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What we do and what we stand for

Our Vision

To establish, grow and promote the Craft and Design Sector in the North West, as a unique and viable economic Industry


By becoming the best practising Institute that coordinates and develops people to build profitable Enterprises, with marketable products for global Markets in an enabled environment.

Who are we?

Bokone Bophirima Craft and Design Institute (BBCDI) was set up in 2009, to promote and grow craft and design as an economic sector in the North West Province of South Africa. A section 21 Non-profit-Company, the BBCDI is a joint initiative of the Provincial Government Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs (DCATA) and the National Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) in line with the National Craft Sector Programme, Craft hub Blueprint and Industrial Policy Action Plan approved by parliament in 2007.

What do we do?

The BBCDI has six programmes that support the craft producers and network all relevant role players in the craft product value chain. This includes craft retailers, marketing agents, exporting agents, raw-material producers, service providers such as designers, product developers, skills trainers, business developers, practitioners and mentors. Government and other funders form a vital part of this effort to build relationships across the sector.

How do we do that?

Through BBCDI’s three main programmes

1. Enterprise Development and Training Programme

  • An analysis of your business to highlight your strength, and point out the next steps to grow your business.
  • Export Marketing and Incentive scheme (EMIA) compliance support and referral system.
  • Workshops and short courses to develop business skills management, product pricing and costing, and marketing.
  • Mentoring and counselling for craft enterprises.

2. Creativity, Design and Innovation Programme

  • Product support where crafters can discuss their product, how to improve it and how to target the appropriate market.
  • Workshops and other programmes to develop creativity, design and innovation, as well as workshops to develop product for a specific niche market such as corporate gifts, homeware and décor, fashion accessories etc.
  • One-on-one creativity and design interventions aiming to improve the crat producer’s product quality and creative skills.

3. Market Access Programme

  • Assist the crafters to define their targeted niche market and access it, such as homeware décor, gifts and memorabilia, craft-arts, corporate gifts, etc.
  • Link crafters to local craft markets, retail outlets and gallery shops.
  • Showcase crafters works in different consumer and trade shows local, national and internationally.
  • Handmade Wholesale service which seeks to find new markets such as corporate, event buyers, hospitality and tourism industry and provide a wholesale order facilitation service and 3 support programmes.

Institutional support programmes

1. Communication & Sector Promotion Programme

  • Website and newsletters, reflecting design and craft news, articles, research, events, training opportunities, and more.
  • A database of crafters, retail craft outlets and raw materials.
  • District Craft Sector meetings featuring quarterly speakers, where crafters can network and talk about their activities and needs.
  • Promotional material, advertising and craft exhibitions reflecting the wealth of Handmade in North West and aimed at growing a consumer market.
  • An Annual Platinum Province craft and Design Exhibition collection to encourage creativity and innovation as well as to rewards excellence and provide a model to which crafters can aspire.

2. District Outreach Programme

  • We are currently conceptualising the BBCDI District Offices which will provide retail space, a corporate gift order facilitation service and a resource centre which will assist in ensuring that all crafters will have easy access to our services.

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3. Research and Resource Development

  • Impact analysis, scrutinising the work of the BBCDI, as well as research and strength analysis of the craft sector.
  • A Platinum Province Craft and Design Coffee table book.



How do I Get Involved ?

  • Attend the quarterly craft sector meetings.
  • Get all information you need from the BBCDI’s website monthly newsletters.
  • Have the status of your business analysed and get expert advice in a one-on-one session with our programme group.
  • Join BBCDI training or mentoring course.
  • Take part in programmes that will improve your product and get it to the market.

As a service Provider

  • Become part of the BBCDI’s register of trainers, facilitators, designers, stand builders, raw material supplier and more. Buyers can source North West product and producers on the BBCDI website or through our matchmaking service.

As a Client

  • Become part of the BBCDI’s register of trainers, facilitators, designers, stand builders, raw material supplier and more. Buyers can source North West product and producers on the BBCDI website or through our matchmaking service.

As an Interested Partner

  • Your interest in the BBCDI may be as a government, funder, researcher, enterprise developing institute or other partner.ervice.